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Arcade Aerials comprises a team of CAA certified remote aerial specialists, dedicated to providing cinematic quality content for the film, TV, and online creative markets. Our team is experienced in working with professional crews in the film and TV industry and operating our drones in some of the most demanding locations and conditions across the world.


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  • We operate with the DJI Inspire 2, carrying the X5S /X7 camera. Although small in size, this drone provides cinematic quality 4K/6K footage in both Prores and DNG RAW, and high resolution stills. Due to its small footprint and ease of use, we are able to operate quickly and efficiently, and with up to 25mins of flight time we have more time shooting than changing batteries.
  • Because the Inspire 2 is under 7kg, we are also able to operate in built-up areas more easily, and with fewer restrictions than many of the larger heavy lift drones. Its compact size means it packs into a single case, ideal for overseas shoots.

    We always carry a full redundancy drone package with us on every shoot, so there’s no chance we can’t fulfil the days filming.



Director, camera operator, pilot


Camera Operator

Darren Vincent founded Arcade Aerials in 2012. His background working in film and television has given him the experience of working at a high level with a perfectionist approach. Darren is accustomed to working on professional film productions, and with the set etiquette required. His team has been carefully chosen to maintain these values, and provide each job with the skills needed to generate the best results.


If you have any queries about using a drone in your next project, or would like some advice, please fill in the details below and we will get back to you. Alternatively, please call us on 07989 604938.